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Why choose a bar unit?

Many people ask us “Why would I want a bar unit?”. With ample storage, and a great working surface, a bar unit is a really simple and elegant way to turn an average occasion into something really memorable. It might seem silly, but having a central point around which your guests can socialise is a guaranteed way to make your party really special.

The home bar unit is not only a fantastic piece of home furniture it also offers a unique central point for the dinner party or social gathering, its uber modern cool design makes it stand out and drives people toward it, not only to refresh their glass but to be part of the crowd. The home bar unit comes in various designs, the mirrored bar unit, the diamante bar unit and now the “illuminated bar unit”. The illuminated bar unit ┬áis the ultimate in high fashion and WOW factor! It’s that favourite cousin who comes to stay on weekends and is really cool, it’s Chad the high school quarter back in the football team, it’s the chief cheer leader! It really is that cool. The Las Vegas bar is Based on the Hollywood style but with all the gun ho and gambling style it features an LED strip light which can be attached to the inside of the mirrored strip. The LED lights create a much more desirable effect than the fluorescent strip light of the Hollywood bar unit. The best part and the part you really need to show your friends is the REMOTE CONTROL! Oh yes my friend full remote control enables the light to change colour from white to blue to red and green or a flashing mix of the whole lot for when the after show party really kicks off. The Las Vegas bar unit really is the bar unit that can, it just ticks all the boxes then rips the form book and says “hey, check me out”!

These amazing products are now ever popular with salons, boutiques and other high quality establishments seeking a glitzy glam piece of furniture to greet their customers with, these pieces carry all that glamour but without the glamorous price tag. They make a perfect reception greeting place for clients and somewhere to store that PC or various files, essentially they are built for home use but with some TLC can always be adapted to most settings. We always like to pass on the great feedback we get here and one novel idea was adapting the wine bottle storage rack on the bottom to hold various shampoo bottles or other bottles.

Mirrored Bar Unit

The mirrored bar unit being put to excellent use, in the beautiful reception area of