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Mirrored Furniture FAQ

Why Buy Mirrored Furniture


 At Modern Furniture and Lighting we are big fans of mirrored furniture. Through our years of experience we have developed some great in house processes which allow us to deliver some truly beautiful pieces of mirrored furniture. Our expertise in this area means we are often able to satisfy your needs when other retailers can’t. 


Whilst there are some key things you need to know about the delivery of mirrored furniture (detailed below) no job is too big or too small for our top delivery team. We travel the length and breadth of the country, hand-delivering these fantastic pieces, offering a truly personal service with every order placed.


We often find that with mirrored furniture, the same questions keep popping up, so we thought we would try and answer some of the most frequently asked questions here. 

Isn’t mirrored furniture really fragile?

In short, no. Our full range of mirrored furniture is made from tempered safety glass, designed to endure the knocks, stresses and strains of everyday usage. Of course, if you decide to use your new mirrored table to display a bag of hammers, you might end up with a nasty crack, but treat with the same care as you would give an expensive wooden table, you’ll be fine. 

Aren’t there lots of sharp edges?

All of our mirrored furniture has been carefully crafted from safety glass to British safety standards, ensuring there are no sharp edges to give you a nasty cut. The majority of our pieces use a chamfered edge design to eliminate the possibility of two sharp edges meeting. 

I bet it’s a total pain to clean?!

You’d be surprised. Even in our busy showroom we find that the mirrored pieces need no more cleaning than the average piece of furniture. Yes, a child’s grubby handprint shows up a lot more on mirrored pieces, but nothing that a quick rub with a micro fibre cloth cant fix. If anything, the smooth glass surface allows for the average coffee mug stain to be wiped away a lot easier, and with no permanent mark (unlike some wood finishes). 

Can I damage mirrored furniture when assembling it?

Yes! This is the one thing we always ensure to stress with our customers. The majority of our mirrored furniture comes in a flat pack form, requiring some very basic assembly. Whilst assembling units that have drawer handles, you must take the utmost care. In all our years retailing mirrored furniture we have never heard of a customer damaging a mirrored piece of furniture EXCEPT when attaching drawer handles. Handles that require attaching via screws must be screwed in gently and carefully. Overtightening these screws will cause the mirror to crack. Damage caused by customer assembly is not covered by any form of guarantee, and as such, we cannot stress enough the importance of taking care when screwing on drawer handles.

Aren’t some of these pieces really heavy?

 Yes, indeed they are. Solid plate glass pieces can in some instances weigh as much as 100 kg. With heavier console tables and drawers we strongly advise that you assemble them as close to their final position as possible. Smaller bedside cabinets and drawers are easily lifted by one person. Due to ever-tightening health and safety regulations, some of our larger pieces can only be made via a kerbside delivery. In this instance, we would inform you beforehand, but you must ensure that someone able-bodied will be available to bring the item from the kerb into your property. 

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As always, if you have any questions or queries regarding any of our items or services, please do not hesitate to give us a call on (01670) 457878